Bowen Technique

As part of a continuing programme of professional development, Marion Hume trained with the European College of Bowen Studies and in 2004 she was admitted to the European Register of Bowen Therapists.

The Bowen Technique is named after Tom Bowen, an Australian who developed it over a lifetime of working and observing how the body heals itself. The technique involves gentle rolling type movements over certain soft tissues which prompt a response by the body. Bowen Therapy allows the body to decide what needs to be adjusted - the effects can be very quick and long lasting.

At Abbey Physiotherapy the Bowen Technique has been used to treat a diverse range of conditions with sometimes very dramatic success. As well as using the technique for musculoskeletal work it has been used in the management of shingles, asthma, migraine, persistent coughs, jaw pain and symptoms associated with the menopause.

We have a collection of articles and information about the Bowen Technique at Abbey Physiotherapy and are happy to supply further information at your request.